[DEBATE] The Imperial Act

  • Civil Coat of Arms

    Imperial Act (Bill) 2019

    The following law, having been approved by the nobles and right honorable citizens of the Imperial Diet on this day, is hereby enacted by the sovereign grace of Their Majesties.

    1 - Naming
    1.1) The long title of this act is as follows:
    The Act of Imperial Expansion.

    1.2) This act may further be referred to by its short title:
    Imperial Act

    2 - The Imperial Act's Reforms

    2.1) Enabling Government Officials To go on and become Governors of their own regions.

    2.2) Enabling The migration from one region to another without leaving the Imperium (if said region is a puppet region)

    2.3) Allowing foreign regions to pledge allegiance to the empire, and become vassals.

    2.4) Encouraging Recruitment for said puppet regions.

    3 - Schedule

    3.1) This act shall go into effect immediately upon ascent.

    3.2) A puppet region is created and nations are encouraged to migrate and ask for local positions in said puppet regions.

    embassies are built. a forum category is created for the puppet region for its matters.

    Aye, Nay. Or Abstain.

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