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    Today we are discussing the royal family, parliament, and more of Hierstadt.

    The head of the royal family is the arrogant, and rightfully so, Prince Edvard Wilhelm III. Edvard is heavily loyalist to the Austro-Hungarians, despite the split nation being only 48% loyalists. Edvard's wife, Princess Eva is a nationalist idol, and his first son, Justin, is the only Jew in the royal family, excluding his banished great-great uncle. Edvard's second son, Federico, is a Lutheran and a firm believer that Hierstadt is bringing a second Renaissance to Austria-Hungary. The Prince has a daughter by the name of Roma, who writes for a living in Vienna, her home away from home. Edvard's brothers Theodoro and Franco are catholics and loyalists as well.

    The Parliament of Hierstadt consists of: the Prince, the Princess, the royal family, the cabinet, the chancellor, and the elected citizens.

    Currently the radicals and the reactionaries are leading in Parliament, led by Johannes Keil of Vienna and Charles Montpelier of Paris. The nationalists hold a close third, led by Skeplo Lachte of Obuda. The cabinet includes Heinz Faroe of Berlin as Prime Minister and many other ministers.

    The nation has many official languages - polish, latvian, english, french, german, austrian, dutch, italian, croatian, hungarian, serbian, romanian, and bosnian - and many religions - protestantism, catholicism, judaism, universalism, orthodoxy, lutheran beliefs, and islam.

    Following the new year of 1896-->

    Edvard and Eva have had a son, now named Wilhelm II, and Federico has been elected Minister of Culture and has ordered construction on one of the largest cultural and educational buildings in the history of Austria-Hungary - The Hall of Karlova - featuring a five-floor library, an art hall, rooms for all religions (churches, mosques,) and a university. Field Marshal Nirenberg died in a tragic assassination by the nationalists, and was replaced by Franz Hennerecht-Guterreiches (hen-ur-ekt gū-tur-rīk,) who happens to be slightly more loyalist than his predecessor. Finally, Jan Surik and Heinz Faroe have declared the Eight Prime Laws, a document regarding Hierstadt's new progressive policies, going into detail on equality and basic law.

    Following the new year of 1897-->

    The Hall of Karlova's first three floors have been built, and the first two have public access. The elections have been completed, now Charles Montpelier is prime minister and at the same time the French minister of foreign affairs, holding him as the best connected diplomat in the country. Hierstadt has begun prosperous trade in beer, wood, iron, and armored cars.

  • Imperial Monarch

    I approve of the loyalists. How old is Justin/why has he decided to convert?

  • Early Citizen Minister

    And why all the national languages?

  • Early Citizen

    @Benito recent immigrant crisis

  • Early Citizen

    @Simon Justin is 25, and he converted after visiting Jerusalem and learning about Jewish history, culture, and beliefs

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