• Early Citizen Reichstag

    The Principality of Lanina is a nation of the Austro-Hungarian Imperium bordered by Stiegae and Volsenia.

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    Reigning family

    His Serene Higness Prince Francis IV of Lanina | Her Serene Higness Princess Catherine

    • His Serene Higness Daniel, Prince Hereditary | Her Serene Higness Princess Carolina
    • Her Higness Princess Sophia

  • Early Citizen Reichstag


    His Serene Higness's Government

    • First Counsellor of State : Jeremiah Constantinere, Count of Timisoara
    • His Serene Higness's First Treasurer, Counsellor of State for Finances
    • Counsellor of State for the Interior : Paul Comellini
    • Counsellor of State for Economy : Adalwolf Weber
    • Counsellor of State for Foreign Affairs : Rudolf Fauhnstraten, Baron Fauhnstraten
    • Counsellor of State for Imperial Affairs : Sir Julian Guasto
    • Counsellor of State for Social Affairs : Dame Kristen Gadomski

    House of Assembly
    Capture d’écran 2019-08-30 à 21.36.07.png
    Christian Democratic Party (52)
    Liberal Party (18)
    Labour Union (12)
    Imperial Front (2)
    Independents (3)

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