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    Recently, people were demanding a new flag to represent the local ethnicities. The Teutons, The Cymreagians, And the Saxish.

    This flag was decided upon: alt text

    The three stripes symbolize each ethnic group.

    Red: Saxish
    Yellow: Cymreagian
    Blue: Teutonic

    And The crest in the middle symbolizes the land itself. signifying that three distantly related peoples live together against all odds, be it France, Russia, and any other threat. They will always stand united.

    The duke made a statement on regarding this event, and I quote, "nice flag, man."

    alt text

    Wynish Journalistic Agency INC.

    Protests are happening as a result of corruption.

    In the 26th of August 2019, an Anglican church was built in the center of Flusserdorf.
    Public Outrage soon followed as Teutonic men and women went to the streets to protest the demolition of this church. Many Teutonic nationalist organizations saw this as an opportunity to get members and commented on the construction of this church as an example of Saxish incursions into Teutonic territory.

    An investigation concluded that the Saxish-Anglican Church Association, or SACA for short. had bribed the mayor for the construction of this church, each employee who worked on the church was demanded to complete it, or they'd be fired.

    The government was pressured to fire the mayor of Flusserdorf. And demolish the Church. And soon issued a public statement that was read out by the duke himself Stating that "This Act of Corruption will not be tolerated by anyone inside the government, nor anyone near it. We as a Country Are built on the foundation of Equality Between Peoples, and once this is broken, there is no country. Just Warring Insurgencies vying for power in absolute anarchy."

    The Duke went on, improvising: "I, As the leader, and the figurehead of this glorious country, Am disgusted at this blatant display of corruption, and utter cultural apathy.
    This mayor who went on to destroy the cultural balance in the region. will be sufficiently booted out of his job, and be sentenced to prison for 10 years due to corruption. And this Despicable company named SACA will be charged a significant portion of its profits, and this money will be used in the government budget for the next year.

    Though the work had already been done, and any sort of Apology or compensation won't repair the instability caused by this event. But time will tell.

    alt text
    Wynish Journalistic Agency. 30th of August 2019.

    Written by Joseph Mikëss

  • The 2019 Legislative Elections

    As School is back in motion, the wynish legislature decides on an election, this was organized back in the 1st of September 2019, And the results were this:


    well, not only did the yellowshirts gain support, but the "Free Teutonia!" party suffered a great decline, Even though the situation in flusserdorf is about 2 weeks old. Something else must be going on here, And i believe That the government Suppressed many teutonic votes, knowing "Free Teutonia!" Would Get 50 Percent Of The Vote.

    I feel like, My Teutonic Brethren. The Time has come to, FREE TEUTONIA!


    Written by Paul von Cluserrdorf

  • The Death of Paul von Cluserrdorf

    Paul von Cluserrdorf, a writer for the Teutonic Post was shot in his house at 9:07 AM. Many Theories sprung up as to who had done it, It could've been someone hired by any government official. Maybe a fanatical saxish nationalist could've shot him. But it was clearly a threat for anyone who supported Teutonic autonomy and/or independence.

    On a less violent note, The "Free Teutonia!" was suspended from politics. Further Reinforcing Cluserrdorf's suppression argument. This blatant violation of free speech had an immense backlash which culminated in:

    The Flusserdorf Protests (2 Electric Boogaloo)
    Well to say these are protests is an understatement. It became a full-blown riot, Police shot down rioters trying to re-establish "Free Teutonia!" as a political party. The government issued no response.

    alt text

    Written by Ludwig Vostenzuk

  • Imperial Monarch

    I might have lost track but what caused this, essentially, civil war???

  • @Simon well, not yet.

  • Early Citizen Minister


    With two civil wars the Imperium will be a beacon of stability!

  • i agree

  • The Teutonic War

    Raids Were Conducted by the Rebel organization and former Political party "Free Teutonia"
    To seize infantry Equipment from barracks and military bases, using guerilla tactics to overpower the guards positioned to guard at night. after enough preparation, the Rebels recruited protestors to join in. a large contingent joined. Even some policemen changed sides, joining in to fight for the Teutonic insurrection.

    After gathering men, and supplies. The rebellion was finally launched on the 8th of September 2019.
    They stormed the weakest military bases to gather more weapons. Then they marched to the police station and captured it with little resistance, as most of the police force was handling a riot.

    They then marched towards the riot and shot down any policemen who were still trying to calm the populace, With all possible retaliations dealt with. they marched to the mayor's office and held him at gunpoint to surrender the city.

    The current casualties are around 150-200.

    with that done, they broadcasted a message from the flusserdorf television center:

    A tall and dark-haired man steps onto a stage in the city hall.

    "I stand here, as someone who has besieged a city to submission. With such an incompetent state, having a city be occupied by an insurrection is humiliating. Why should such an incompetent failure of a government continue to exist? Why would this whole lie continue to exist, when we all know from its inception this had always plagued it. They tried to suppress us, knowing we'd win. They wanted to hold a grip on us, and now we can let that arm go, AND CRUSH IT! Freedom is what I offer. We always lived in the shadow of the saxish. But now, you have the freedom to change that."

    "And now, my children. FREE TEUTONIA!"

    The broadcast was cut off.

  • Early Citizen Minister

    Princ Istvan condemns the actions of Free Teutonia! and maintains support for the rightful government of Wynchester.

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