Princ Istvan searches for a wife!

  • Early Citizen Minister

    After the murder of his wife, Zlata (which you can read about in my factbooks) Princ Istvan is in need of a suitable spouse to fill the void in his personal life, to groom an hier, and for diplomatic reasons.

    The requirements go as follows:

    • Must be between ages 21-28.

    • Must of noble blood (preferably the ruling house of YN).

    • Must be Christian or Jewish, preferably Orthodox Christian, as this is Istvan’s denomination, but all types of Christians are good. The ceremony will be Christian, keep that in mind if your candidate is Jewish.

    • Must be able to bear children.

    • Must otherwise be in good physical and mental health.

    It is understood that a marriage would be an agreement to bring two nations and their houses together.

    Post a photo of the candidate, explain why she would make a good wife, and write a small paragraph on her in general.

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