Official Regional Roleplay Guidelines

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    Official Regional Roleplay Guidelines

    Roleplaying in NationStates is a central component of a varied experience that is hard to forget. In the Imperium, we have both official and citizen-led roleplays. You can read more about citizen-led RPs here.

    The official regional roleplay is focused on centralised events designed to promote national responses, and to deepen the lore of every player’s nation. This guide will briefly outline the key terms used in the official roleplay, the guidelines to roleplaying in a realistic way, and our code of conduct.

    Key Terms

    “RP” - Roleplay, which can refer to the concept or the game itself.

    “GM” - Game master. Usually refers to a citizen-led game, and in the official RP refers to the government minister(s) responsible.

    “Player” - Refers to the person behind the nation. They should be treated as a separate entity, and you shouldn’t bring in character/nation drama in between you and another player.

    “IC/In character” - Refers to the actions of players while speaking as their nation.

    “OOC/Out of character” - Refers to the players themselves, their regional identities, and not to the actions of their nation. Can also be used in RP messages to indicate when players are speaking out of RP.

    “(the) region” - If not covered by an “OOC” mark, it refers to the region where your nation is located (such as southern Hungary, etc), and when it is under OOC, the Imperium itself, and its offsite Government, etc.

    “Nation” - When not covered by an “OOC” mark, it refers to the nation being roleplayed. If marked with OOC, it refers to the nation, without the direct RP implications.

    Guidelines & Scenario

    There will be a more detailed rundown of the RP’s world elsewhere, however the basic concept is that the World Wars never occurred, and thus Europe’s central monarchies never fell to the strife of the first world war. Some nations within the world have fallen, such as Russia, which is now a de-facto republic, and Greece, which is a socialist workers’ republic. Austria-Hungary and Germany merged into a single union in the 1980s, and since then they have become the dominant power player in diplomatic and military affairs on the European continent, vying for power with France and Britain.

    The key thing to remember when taking part in the official RP is have fun. Unlike other RPs, both within the region and elsewhere, the driving force is your creativity and your vision for your nation. If you don’t have the time to interact with the events of the day, don’t. More will be around when you can, and feel like, taking part.

    Now, onto the key guidelines!

    1. No Godmodding
      a. This means don’t try and control over nations, don’t create scenarios where the ‘target’ cannot influence the outcome, and don’t create anything that is impossible to defeat.
    2. Respect Your Fellow Players
      a. Remember every nation has a person behind it - be nice to them OOC, and follow the Code of Conduct.
    3. No Metagaming
      a. This means you should only react to events as your nation would - if a player says, OOC, they are gonna do something, you cannot have your nation react preemptively.
    4. Use Proper English (as much as possible)
      a. Try and avoid uncommon shortenings, and ensure that your IC language is appropriate - a Head of State is probably not gonna say “lol” or “OwO” in a national address 😜
    5. Quality > Quantity
      a. The players that are looked up to are not the ones who post novels. Rather, those that work on crafting realistic, well thought out responses will receive more interest. Furthermore, theming goes a long way to making your posts more realistic (such as an official looking letterhead).
    6. Be (semi) Realistic
      a. The setting of the world is a slightly differently developed modern day - we probably haven’t gone to the moon yet, but that doesn’t mean space travel isn’t in existence. However, this isn’t a fantasy RP - we don’t have vampires, and we don’t have dragons 😛
    7. You Don’t Own Everything You Make
      a. If you create a religion for your nation, that doesn’t mean only your nation can have that religion. Your neighbours, especially, are free to claim that immigrants from your nation have brought the religion to their nation. This is just one example.
    8. Detail Your Nation!
      a. Make a basic factbook for your nation, either on the forum or in a dispatch, which outlines its type of government, it motivations, its power, and its position in the world. This is vital, as it ensures that other people are able to react to your nation’s event in a good way.
      b. This doesn’t have to be massively detailed, but should be enough to properly interact with your nation.
    9. Don’t Just Leave
      a. We always understand real life comes first. However, if you can, find a way to pause or have your nation stop RPing so other players know. This can be in the form of an OOC statement in Discord, or similar, but always find a good way to bow out.
    10. Forum vs Discord
      a. The forum ( should be used as much as possible for formal notices, news feeds, and summits. The RMB (regional message board) should also be used if one of the players prefers to use it. Discord should be used for informal/behind the scenes negotiations that take place between players.

    Code of Conduct

    We always want our Regional RP to be a friendly and welcoming place to roleplay, which means we expect some basic standards of conduct from players. Most importantly, all rules that apply elsewhere (and the criminal code) also apply to the RP.

    1. No hateful speech.
    2. Your nation is not permitted to be overtly racist, anti-semiitic, or anything else that is hateful. While it may be how your nation might actually be, it can create a toxic atmosphere for play.
    3. Nations that are fascist are forbidden, and players may be convicted OOC for RPing as a fascist.
    4. Don’t try and force your view of the RP onto other players - disputes about rules can be dealt with OOC, or through an Admin or GM.

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