Imperial Proclamation [03] - Regarding Honours and Awards

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    This proclamation (a piece of legislation passed by the Imperial Crown on its own authority) formally establishes the power of the Imperial Crown to issue awards and appoint members of the region (and other regions) as knights. The Imperial Crown creates awards by 'laying an order' before the Council of State, and is then able issue created awards to anyone it deems fit. In addition, the Imperial Crown is able to make an award 'defunct' through the same process, but those awarded defunct awards continue to hold them.

    Imperial CoA

    Imperial Proclamation from Their Majesties
    Regarding the exclusive right of the Imperial Crown to create, issue, and revoke decorations, medals, and orders.

    Noting the lack of clarification within the Constitution, the Imperial Crown hereby declares itself to be the exclusive font of honour within the realm.

    The Imperial Crown is thus empowered to create any decoration, medal, or chivalric order (“awards”), with any conditions as it sees fit. Such awards shall be created through order, subsequently laid before the Council of State. Awards may be made defunct through the same process, but defunct awards shall continue to be held by those issued them.

    The Imperial Crown is further empowered to issue any and all awards to the realm’s citizens, or to any foreigners, though foreigners shall be referred to as “Strangers” in the issuing of chivalric orders. The Imperial Crown may issue such awards without consultation, or with the advice of any body or persons it sees fit.

    Any and all awards issued by the Imperial Crown may only be revoked by the Imperial Crown, and may be revoked for any reason. The rescinding of citizenship due to a nation ceasing to exist is the only exception, and lapsed citizens shall continue to hold awards.

    In the case of dispute over an award, the Imperial Crown shall be the final arbiter.

    Signed on 25 August 2019

    Signature of HIM Simon

    His Imperial Majesty, Simon Kuznetsov, Archduke of Austria, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

    Signature of HIM Lewis

    His Imperial Majesty, Lewis Kuznetsov, King of Hungary, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

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