Citizenship Application: Gabriel Xavier

  • Early Citizen

    What is your nation? Rhodoki

    Are you currently known by, or have you previously been known by, any other names or aliases within NationStates? No.

    Do you have a World Assembly nation? If yes, please name/link it. No

    How did you find the Austro-Hungarian Imperium? Genie in a lamp

    Are you involved in any other regions or NS organisations? "What does the word government mean to you" - Kyrie Irving

    Have you joined our Discord? No

    Please also take the following oath:
    I, Gabriel Xavier, do hereby swear and affirm that I will bear true allegiance to the Imperial Crown, its monarchs, and their heirs and successors. I swear that I will fulfil my duties as a citizen, including the maintenance of a nation in the region, and that I will faithfully read and follow the laws of the region.

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    Welcome to the Imperium!

    Your application has been approved, and you are now a citizen! Welcome 🙂

    You can go to your profile section to claim your Early Citizens badge.

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