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  • What is your nation? Madison Saint-Pierre

    Are you currently known by, or have you previously been known by, any other names or aliases within NationStates? No.

    Do you have a World Assembly nation? If yes, please name/link it. Yes, Cadet Saint-Pierre

    How did you find the Austro-Hungarian Imperium? Wife

    Are you involved in any other regions or NS organisations? If yes, please name them. KGB, KON, EOB

    Have you joined our Discord? If yes, please provide your username and identifier (e.g. john#0101) Reece something

    Please also take the following oath:
    I, Willehm-Alexander van Nassau-Orange, do hereby swear and affirm that I will bear true allegiance to the Imperial Crown, its monarchs, and their heirs and successors. I swear that I will fulfil my duties as a citizen, including the maintenance of a nation in the region, and that I will faithfully read and follow the laws of the

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    Welcome to the Imperium!

    Your application has been approved, and you are now a citizen! Welcome 🙂

    You can go to your profile section to claim your Early Citizens badge.

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