Appointment of an Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Early Citizen Noble Royal Family

    Office of the Imperial Chancellor
    8th of August, Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Nineteen

    I, the Imperial Chancellor, through my sacred and ancient powers derived from Their Imperial Majesties, the people of the realm, and the Imperial Constitution do present for appointment to Their Majesties' Government, Christopher Weilbourg to the post of Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs. This decision shall be reviewed and approved by Their Imperial Majesties in their just and absolute wisdom.

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    The Imperial Crown is pleased to approve this appointment on the aforementioned day. @Christopher is also hereby appointed the Council of State, and is therefore to be styled as "The Honorable".

    Signature of HIM Lewis
    His Imperial Majesty, the King of Hungary

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