Letter of Resignation

  • For Immediate Attention – Their Imperial Majesties

    From the Office of the Rt. Hon. Aav Verinhall, President of the Reichstag

    Your Majesties,
    While I had originally run for a seat in the Reichstag in the hopes of creating change, I fear that I have fallen prey to the same trap that had taken our prior Reichstag. I have failed in my initial mission, and therefore have decided that I am no longer a competent member of the Reichstag, nor a competent citizen.

    I thank you for the time and honor that has been shown to me, however, at this point, I strongly feel that I must resign my position, and citizenship.

    The Rt. Hon. Aav Verinhall

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    Noted. I am sad to see you go.

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