Foreign Conduct Act (Second Bill) 2019

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    Mr President,

    As the debate period for RB4 expired and the sponsor of the Bill, the Count of Hohenems, is no longer a member of this Right Honourable Assembly, I take the initiative to submit to my Right Honourable colleagues an amended version of this bill.


    The following law, having been approved by the nobles and right honorable citizens of the Imperial Reichstag on this day, is hereby enacted by the sovereign grace of Their Majesties.

    1 - Title
    1.1) The long title of this act is as follows: Imperial Code for the Conduction of Foreign Affairs Operations

    1.2) This act may further be referred to by its short title: The Foreign Affairs Code

    2 - Anti-Fascism

    2.1) The Realm shall be committed to upholding a policy of Anti-fascism both abroad and domestically.

    2.2) The Realm shall not be allowed to conduct foreign policy (which includes but is not limited to treaties, foreign alliances, defensive pacts, or any kind of political ties) with fascist regions, and shall not be allowed to entertain ambassadors from fascist regions.

    a. Such ambassadors may be entertained on the recommendation of the Imperial Chancellor, by the Imperial Crown.

    2.3) Fascists found within the region shall be removed on-site, and Moderators and Administrators may be empowered to do so with impunity and at their discretion.

    2.4) Persons or regions may be considered “fascist” by the Imperial Government should they display fascist imagery, fascist speech, or the fascist embassy tag.

    a. This definition is to be used alongside other evidence gathered by Moderation or the Imperial Government.

    3 - Embassy Standards and Regulations

    3.1) Regions must have a minimum of ten (10) nations to be considered for diplomatic relations with the Realm.

    3.2) Regions must have active participation (minimum of a week since the last post).

    3.3) Foreign Embassies shall, under no circumstance, be permitted to recruit members to their regions.

    3.4) Any region with an Embassy caught recruiting in the Realm shall be subject to immediate revocation of Embassy.

    3.5) All Embassies, upon registration, will be subject to approval by the Foreign Minister.

    a. The Imperial Crown shall reserve the right to reject the Foreign Minister's decision with the advice of the Chancellor.

    3.6) Any region who has an Embassy with the Realm, and has ties to Fascism, shall be blacklisted until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducts an investigation of the region.

    3.7) If the Foreign Ministry determines that the region in question is indeed Fascist, the Foreign Affairs Minister will immediately revoke Embassy privileges of the region in question.

    3.8) Any region with established ties to Fascism, as well as those who attempted to recruit from the Bloc Realm, shall be blacklisted.

    a. The Chancellor may remove Embassies from the blacklist with sufficient reason and assent from the Imperial Crown.

    3.9) The Foreign Minister, with assent from the Crown and the Chancellor, may designate Certain regions may be designated as “security risks to the Realm” by an order laid before the Council of State by the Minister. These regions shall be effectively blacklisted in all forms of communication, and envoys and visitors from such shall be expelled on site.

    4 - Declaring War and States of Armed Conflict

    4.1) Only the Chancellor with the approval of the Imperial Crown may submit a war declaration request to the Reichstag. Adequate time must be made by the President of the Reichstag for all members of the Reichstag to ask the Minister questions and raise concerns before moving the request to a vote. In the absence of the Chancellor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs may submit these requests to the Reichstag.

    4.2) A war declaration request must achieve a 3/4 majority in order to be approved. A public notice must be made by the government including the reasoning behind the request as well as the result of the vote if approved.

    4.3) Once approved and declared, all manner of hostility may be used upon a region that has had war declared upon it. These activities will be managed by the command of the Imperial Government and designate(s) on their behalf.

    4.4) At the conclusion of a war or an agreed peace, the Reichstag must vote to return to peacetime and repeal the previous war declaration, achieving at least a 2/3 majority.

    4.5) The Realm shall not need a declaration of war against regions that self-identify as having a National Socialist or Fascist basis or theme, or regions considered a security risk.

    5 - Schedule

    5.1) This act shall go into effect immediately upon passage in the Reichstag and assent from the Imperial Crown.

    Annex 1 - Definitions

    a) "The Realm" refers to the region of the Austro-Hungarian Imperium.

    b) "Foreign policy" includes but is not limited to treaties, foreign alliances, defensive pacts, or any kind of political ties.

    c) "The Minister" refer to the Minister of the Imperial Crown responsible for the management of Their Majesties' Government's foreign policies.

    d) "The Ministry" refer to the executive department responsible for the implementation of foreign policies.

    b e) "Hostility" shall be defined as an engagement in or the activities involved in war, including invasion and general sabotage.

    c f) “War” shall be defined as an active state of armed conflict between different regions.

    d g) An “embassy” shall be defined as the NationStates object in which regions interact with each other through the game's mechanics that establishes some form of official diplomatic relations.

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