Government Confidence and Ministerial accountability Act (Bill) 2019

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    Government Confidence and Ministerial accountability Act (Bill) 2019

    The following law, having been approved by the nobles and right honourable citizens of the Imperial Diet on this day, is hereby enacted by the sovereign grace of Their Majesties.

    1 - Title
    1.1) The long title of this act is as follows:
    For the purposes of clarifying the relations between the Reichstag and Their Majesties’ Government, this Act is enacted.

    1.2) This act may further be referred to by its short title:
    Example Act

    2 - Provisions

    2.1) Members of the Reichstag shall be entitled to submit a motion of no confidence in Their Majesties’ Government.

    • 2.1.a) The Chancellor shall have 48 hours to make a statement before the Reichstag regarding the motion. The President of the Reichstag shall then put the motion to vote.
    • 2.1.b) Such a motion shall be passed by a simple majority vote. The Chancellor shall tender the resignation of the cabinet to the Imperial Crown.

    2.3) After a general election, Their Majesties' Government shall seek the approval by the Reichstag of all its members who were members of the previous legislature and failed to be re-elected.

    2.4) Members of the Imperial Cabinet shall answer every question asked to them by members of the Reichstag.

    • 2.4.a) Shall a member of the Imperial Cabinet fail to comply with the present dispositions in a delay of 72 hours, a vote of no confidence in Their Majesties’ Government shall be held.

    3 - Schedule

    3.1) This act shall go into effect immediately upon assent.

    Annex 1 - Definitions

    a) A "Motion of no confidence" is a motion stating "That the Reichstag has no confidence in Their Majesties' Government".

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