[DEBATE] Proposed Treaty with Hartfelden

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin


    Advisory Treaty Ratification Vote

    Their Majesties' Government has negotiated the following treaty with the region of Hartfelden. We look forward to greater ties with this friend of our region, who were quick to form relations and become an international partner for the Imperium.

    As part of this treaty, we agree to conduct at least one joint cultural event a year, and also provide a quick way for citizens of both our regions to gain access to the other through "Allied Visa" (something we plan to legislate for separately in a future Citizenship Act). In addition, from a security perspective, the provisions on shared information Re: criminals and other bad actors will be vital in ensuring the ongoing safety of the Imperium's citizens.

    The floor is now open to debate, and the text of the treaty is below.

    The Austro Hungarian Imperium
    do hereby agree to the following provisions, ratified as per their respective processes:

    Article I
    Statement of Friendship & Cooperation

    1. The Austro-Hungarian Imperium and Hartfelden (‘the regions’) declare themselves to be friends in the eyes of the international community, and further proclaim that they shall defend one another’s interests as appropriate and practical.

    2. The regions shall send two members each to an intergovernmental panel (‘the panel’), which shall formally coordinate the joint efforts and projects of the regions.

    3. Citizens, in good criminal standing, from either region may request an ‘Allied Visa’ from the government of the respective region, which shall provide additional privileges of access on the Discord and forums of the respective region.

    4. Either region must inform the panel of any member of their region that has been convicted of a criminal offense under the relevant laws of that region, or those members that have been removed from the region for other reasons. Should that member be present in the other region, that region shall make all efforts practical in their respective laws to take action against that member should the conviction in question be relevant to cross-region conviction.

    5. The panel may form committees to report on joint legislative solutions that would be beneficial for the regions to have a common solution to. These reports shall not be binding on the region unless the Governments of both regions agree as such.

    Article II
    Cultural Exchange

    1. The regions agree that their cultural events shall be open to all citizens of both regions, and, should it be required, shall provide access to a ‘Cultural Visa’. Those members of either region holding an ‘Allied Visa’ shall not be required to seek further visas for cultural events.

    2. The panel shall seek to coordinate at least one joint event a year, which will seek to join the communities of both regions in cultural celebrations for whichever event as determined by the panel. The panel may designate the relevant government members of either, or both, regions to aid in the hosting and management of said events.

    Article III
    Further Cooperation & Military Affairs

    1. Should the Austro-Hungarian Imperium be attacked by any region or organisation, whether during war or otherwise, Hartfelden shall come to their defense.

      a. In turn, should Hartfelden face crisis during similar circumstances, the duty of establishing an emergency military force shall befall the Austro-Hungarian Imperium.

    2. The regions agree that their current governments are the only valid governments under this agreement.

      a. Should either region face a coup, or other unlawful seizure of power, then the effects and benefits of this treaty will not be given to the unlawful government of the respective region. In a circumstance where one of the regions chooses to recognise the government other than the one which agreed to this agreement, this agreement shall be null and void.

    3. Should the Austro-Hungarian Imperium establish a military force at any time, the panel may convene a special meeting of the governments of the regions to discuss an annex to this agreement outlining further cooperation.

    4. The panel may create annexes to this agreement with the backing of both regional governments, which may expand the scope of this agreement as required.

    Article IV
    Amendment and Ratification

    1. This agreement shall go into effect after being ratified by both regions according to their respective processes.

    2. Amendments shall be achieved through unanimous agreement of the panel with the backing of both regional governments.

    3. Either region may withdraw from this agreement through formal notice being provided to the panel.

      a. In such a circumstance, A1:S3-5 and A2 shall be void immediately.
      b. After a 30 day period, all other parts of this agreement shall be void unless otherwise extended by the panel.

    4. Should the panel agree that another agreement or treaty has superseded this agreement, then all parts of this agreement shall be duly void.

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    I have no objections on the current version of the treaty.

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    I fully endorse this as it will strengthen the Empire’s diplomatic influence.

  • I agree with this as well. However, I recuse myself from all involvement in voting, except as is procedurally necessary in my capacity as President of the Reichstag.

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    I suggest a motion to vote.

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    Mr President, I motion to vote.

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    I second the motion to vote.

  • As the requisite amount of time for a motion to vote has passed, the motion is hereby carried. A vote shall begin shortly.

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