Speech from the Throne - 2nd Reichstag

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    Their Imperial Majesties have been pleased to confirm the results of the second election to this right honourable Reichstag. Its members have committed their time to working towards a more secure future for the region and Their Majesties are pleased to welcome these new members.

    The Reichstag’s President serves as the chairperson of this chamber, and ensures that the internal processes of the chamber are followed. A nomination thread has been opened, and all members of the Reichstag are invited to make nominations for the office within the next twenty-four hours.

    Given the lack of Chancellor at the moment, Their Majesties have formalised their own legislative agenda for the coming term, and it encompasses a comprehensive Criminal Code, dedicated anti-fascist laws, a law regarding citizenship, and a law relating to the applying of persona non grata status and other diplomatic regulations, which has already been presented. We ask that any and all members work on the bills we have outlined.

    In addition, Their Majesties' Government will seek the approval of this Reichstag to ratify a treaty we have negotiated with Hartfelden.

    Their Majesties look forward to the coming term, and hope to see this second Reichstag set the bar of activity more highly than its predecessor.

    Long live the Imperial Crown.

    Signature of HIM Lewis

    His Imperial Majesty, Lewis Kuznetsov, King of Hungary, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

  • Hear hear, a fine opening from Their Majesties!

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