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    Official Stamp Donation Guide

    Did you know that our region uses NationStates Telegram Stamps to recruit new nations, probably including yourself!

    Also known simply as 'stamps', they allow us to send out many automated telegrams which outline the vision of the region and invite new and returning nations to join us!

    Stamps do, however, cost a small amount of money. There are no requirements to donate any stamps, but here are some of the benefits if you do:

    1. A fuzzy feeling of helping your favourite region recruit more peeps 🙂
    2. The personal thanks of myself and Simon + a public announcement of your generosity (unless you ask to be anonymous)
    3. Official forum medals! You can see them here, and you get to keep them forevers 😛

    Okay, how do I donate stamps?

    I am glad you asked!

    Step 1: Go to the NationStates store

    Navigate to, and make sure you are logged in as the right nation.

    Step 2: Select Stiegae as Gift Recipient


    If you don't select Stiegae as the gift recipient, you will buy the stamps for yourself, and your donation will not count.

    To select Stiegae:

    1. Click "Gift Options"
    2. Type in Stiegae and select the right nation
    3. Make sure the green confirmation box appears.

    Gif of gift instructions

    Step 3: Choose how many stamps to donate

    Scroll down to "Telegram Stamps" (the bottom option) and choose how many stamps to donate. You can only choose in steps of 1 thousand, and every thousand is 1 US dollar. Donate as many as you are comfortable donating, and no more 🙂

    Step 4: Pay, and confirm payment was successful

    Click pay, either by PayPal or card, and NationStates will process your payment. Then, once you are sure it has worked, send a DM to me (Lewis) on Discord to ensure I am aware it was you who donated. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, you must also do this to ensure I don't announce it.

    A public record of every stamp donation is kept here, so you can see your total number of stamps increase as time goes on 🙂

    If you have chosen to donate, thank you for helping the region!

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