Imperial Proclamation [01] - Regarding Unilateral Power

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    This proclamation (a piece of legislation passed by the Imperial Crown on its own authority) allows the King of Hungary (Lewis) to exercise the powers of the Imperial Crown without the direct consent of the Archduke of Austria (Simon). As per the Constitution, the Archduke is within his rights to veto actions taken by his co-monarch.

    Imperial CoA

    Imperial Proclamation from Their Majesties
    Regarding the granting of unilateral power to the King of Hungary

    The powers of the Imperial Crown shall hereby be permitted to be executed unilaterally by His Imperial Majesty, the King of Hungary. This shall be valid while this proclamation is in effect. This proclamation does not affect the rights of His Imperial Majesty, the Archduke of Austria in regards to executing executive authority, nor does it authorise any other change in law or procedure.

    This proclamation is made pursuant to Article II, Section 11(c) of the Imperial Constitution.

    Signed on 25 July 2019

    Signature of HIM Simon

    His Imperial Majesty, Simon Kuznetsov, Archduke of Austria, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

    Signature of HIM Lewis

    His Imperial Majesty, Lewis Kuznetsov, King of Hungary, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

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