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    This thread will be used for news updates in the Dominion of Casterbridge-Lopez.

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    Bundesrat Ratifies the Imperial Cooperation Treaty

    METZ, CASTERBRIGE-LOPEZ -- The Reichsstathalter Tom Demolt has filed today a legislation on the Treaty of Imperial Coordination in the Bundesrat. The legislation features stronger integration with other nations in the Imperium such as sending a delegation to the Imperial Legislative Council and the Imperial Inter-State Court of Justice, open borders, and economic cooperation.

    The plan was fiercely opposed by the Leader of the Opposition, Markus Stauffenberg. He reiterated that the dangers of open borders will leave more threats to the national security of the Dominion as well as foreigners "stealing" the jobs from the citizens of the country.

    The Reichsstathalter emphasized that the treaty will bring more economic prosperity to the Dominion. He also said that the Government will prioritize the citizens of the Dominion when it comes to job however talents of other citizens from foreign nations will be needed for productivity and innovation of the Dominion. Demolt said that the Government will coordinate with other nations to defeat the threats made by "some" people.

    Center Party Chief Whip Thomas Bachmann opposed plans by Demolt. He gave his concern that there was no delegation from Casterbridge-Lopez in the Summit and therefore, the treaty doesn't reflect the interests of the Dominion. Bachmann told the Government that his party will not support the treaty despite being in a confidence and supply agreement with the Government.

    The Reichsstathalter agreed with the Center Party Chief Whip that there was no delegation from Casterbridge-Lopez. However, Demolt explained to him that the Treaty will benefit the Dominion.

    Liberal Party leader Maximilian Cosmann showed support to the legislation. He said that the Liberal Party will support any legislation that would strengthen relationship with other nations as long as it will protect the interests of the Dominion.

    After the debate, the Bundesrat voted on the legislation and the breakdown of votes is:

    AYES: 18

    • Government (Royalist Party): 14
    • Liberal Party: 4

    NOES: 14

    • Labor Party: 10
    • Democratic Republic: 2
    • Freedom from Monarchy: 2


    • Center Party: 8

    The treaty will be scrutinized today in the upper chamber of Parliament which is the Reichrat.

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    King Kristoph signs Imperial Cooperation Treaty after Ratification from Parliament

    METZ, CASTERBRIDGE-LOPEZ -- His Majesty, King Kristoph signed the Imperial Cooperation Treaty today after ratification from Parliament after a long debate in the Bundesrat and the Reichrat. The said treaty will give stronger cooperation with other nations from the Imperium. It will benefit the Dominion through open borders, economic cooperation as well as other coordination with the council. The Opposition has voiced concerns in this Treaty as it would lead threats to national security due to open borders.

    The Bundesrat ratified the Treaty wtih 18 ayes, 14 noes with 8 abstentions. Meanwhile, the scrutiny of Reichrat to the treaty is faster than expected with concerns already being heard in the Bundesrat. The Reichrat ratified the treaty with 12 ayes, 6 noes with 2 abstentions.

    Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank Jahn will send a notice to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kingdom of Stiegae of the ratification of the Treaty.

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    Demolt loses Confidence Vote

    METZ, CASTERBRIDGE-LOPEZ -- Tom Demolt and the Royalist-led minority government lost the confidence vote today in Bundesrat. The Leader of the Opposition, Markus Stauffenburg filed a vote of no confidence to the Government as a protest for the ratification of Imperial Coordination Treaty. The Bundesrat voted 26 ayes to 14 noes in the confidence vote. The Center Party voted in favor of the confidence vote as a protest against the ratification of Imperial Cooperation Treaty thus ending the confidence and supply agreement they made with the Royalist Party.

    A general election is expected to happen as Center Party and Liberal Party refused to build a coalition with Labor Party. The Democratic Republic Party ruled out supporting a Labor-led coalition government unless they would support a referendum whether to abolish the monarchy and turn to a republican state. Any party has 3 days to form a new government.

    The Dominus polls has released a snap opinion polls for today:

    Party: % (change from last election)
    Royalist: 30% (-4%)
    Labor: 27% (+2%)
    Center: 20% (+1%)
    Liberal: 11% (-)
    DemRep: 7% (+1%)
    Freedom: 5% (-)

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