Ambassador Application: Wintreath, taulover

  • Foreign Diplomat

    Region Name & Link: Wintreath
    Military Stance (Invader, Defender, etc.): Defender
    Population: 325
    Government Type: constitutional monarchy
    Current Political Leader(s): Wintermoot (Monarch)

    Which region/organisation do you represent?: Wintreath
    What is your main nation?: Rationalist Science. My Wintrean citizenship nation is Alcubierre.
    Are you replacing a former ambassador from this region? N
    Any other notes, including which officials sent you, and any important government updates from your region Sent by Katie, Thane of Diplomatic Officers. I will post recent update(s) when masking and embassy are approved.

    Thank you!

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin


    Your embassy can be found here.

    You have been given the appropriate forum mask as well.

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