The Dominion of Casterbridge-Lopez

  • Early Citizen Reichstag

    The Dominion of Casterbridge-Lopez has been found by Louis, Earl of Casterbridge and Lucrecia Lopez, Condesa de Gibraltar in the 1600's. Now, the nation is currently ruled by King Kristoph from House Casterbridge. The nation has adopted a federal parliamentary democracy type of government under a constitutional monarchy.

    The Royal Family is composed of:
    King Kristoph, King of Casterbridge-Lopez, Commander in Chief of Casterbridge-Lopezian Army, Protector of the Realms, and Servant of God and the People.
    Queen Marleen, Queen consort of Casterbridge-Lopez
    Prince Harald, Duke of Metz, heir apparent, first child
    Princess Hermine, Duchess of Diedenhofen, second child
    Prince Oskar, Earl of Borny, third child

    The Government of Casterbridge-Lopez (formally referred to as His Majesty's Government) is the civil and executive government led by the officials from the majority of Bundesrat. As the electoral system features a proportional representation, a coalition government is a norm. The Government is led by the
    Royalist Party with the support of Center Party under a confidence and supply agreement.

    His Majesty's Government
    Reichsstatthalter: Tom Demolt
    Minister for the Crown: Sebastian Bott
    Minister for Kingdom Affairs: Kimberly Beckerman
    Minister for Education, Culture and Sports: Nadja Ober
    Minister for Justice: Matthias Hockberg
    Minister for Foreign Affairs: Frank Jahn
    Minister for Social Welfare: Stella Rach
    Minister for Health: Maria Folkner
    Minister for Labor: Christian Wachtel
    Leader of the Bundesrat: Niklas Brokhaus
    Leader of the Reichrat: Josef, Baron von Hoess
    Government (Royalist Party) Chief Whip: Rafael Salzer
    Center Party Chief Whip: Thomas Bachmann

    The Opposition is currently led by the Labor Party wherein they will hold the Government accountable through the Weekly Question Time.

    His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition
    Leader of the Opposition: Markus Stauffenberg
    Shadow Minister of the Crown: Aurelia Vidal
    Shadow Minister for Kingdom Affairs: Joshua Mangels
    Shadow Minister for Education, Culture and Sports: Olivia Eicke
    Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs: Celina Adora
    Spokesperson for Social Welfare, Labor, and Health: Rupert Red
    Shadow Leader of the Bundesrat: Johann Wachter
    Shadow Leader of the Reichrat: Raoul Gana
    Opposition Chief Whip: Luna Stentz

    Other Opposition Parties
    Liberal Party
    Bundesrat Leader: Maximilian Cosmann
    Spokesperson for Kingdom Affairs and Education: Emily Hardt
    Spokesperson for Social Welfare, Labor, and Health: Harri Gurnsburg
    Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Justice: Damian Heate

    Democratic Republic Party
    Bundesrat Leader: Benedict Sattler

    Freedom from Monarchy Party
    Bundesrat Leader: Carl Sauzmann

    The prominent political parties are the Royalist Party, Labor Party, Center Party, Liberal Party, Democratic Republic Party, and Freedom from Monarchy Party. There are two chambers of Parliament in Casterbridge-Lopez: Reichrat, the upper chamber composed of nobles and two religious leaders with 20 seats, and Bundesrat, the lower chamber composed of elected officials with 40 seats.

    There are three political divisions in the Dominion: Lorraine, Eastern Casterbridge, and Southern Lopez. Each division has their Landtag headed by the Chief Minister.

    The Composition of Bundesrat
    alt text

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