Diplomatic Registration Instructions Thread

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    If you are a diplomat from another region seeking to register with us, then please fill out one or both of the forms below - one is for individual ambassadors to be approved, the other is to establish formal embassies with other regions.

    Formal Embassy Request (one time)

    **Region Name & Link:**
    **Military Stance (Invader, Defender, etc.):**
    **Government Type:**
    **Current Political Leader(s):**

    Ambassador Registration

    **Which region/organisation do you represent?**
    **What is your main nation?**
    **Are you replacing a former ambassador from this region?** Y/N
    **Any other notes, including which officials sent you, and any important government updates from your region**

    Please create a new topic for an application, in the Diplomatic Affairs forum, with the title structure being:
    Ambassador Registration: [REGION NAME], [FIRSTNAME]

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