The Diary of Wilhelm Schwartz

  • Journal Entry 1.

    well... if anyone finds this journal, im most likely dead or captured as a P.O.W

    so, id like to introduce myself. I am Wilhelm Schwartz, A conscript for the Teutonic militia force.
    I went in to well, "Free Teutonia" and show people that we can fight for our freedom.

    The conscription process was very simple, you volunteered, they gave you a basic rifle. and you were tasked
    to gun down some civilians that were captured, and used as target practice.

    I felt quite... wrong about shooting them, but I wanted us to be free, and blood is a sacrifice needed for freedom.

    once you qualified to be a soldier, they gave you some infantry "armor" and then you'd be assigned to a division.

    I was part of the 3rd division, tasked with looting villages and small towns.

    we were on our way to the north-east, where the village of Emmetbury was located.

    We conscripted volunteers along the way, then we decided to set up camp and rest till the next day.

    during the night, I felt an uneasiness while laying in my tent.
    was it really moral to sacrifice blood to achieve freedom?
    I've seen people beg for forgiveness and mercy but eventually having bullet holes punched into them.

    Well, I haven't had time to think about it. Because our camp was ambushed by enemy forces.

    I heard gunshots fire around me, I grabbed my rifle and went outside, trying to be as silent as possible.

    I gathered about 50 men, out of the 500 we had.

    We fled, got into our motorized vehicles and made the drive back to base.
    we never found out what happened to those other men in the camp, but we made it back.

  • Journal Entry 2.

    After the incident, I was put into a psychologic facility, essentially I sat down, and a guy was assigned to help me recover from the incident mentally. He asked me whether I had Thoughts about the morality of massacring civilians, I was suspicious about how he knew it. But I shrugged it off since we are dealing with a civil war. I replied to him truthfully, That I was questioning the morality of it.

    He told me that the saxish had been natural enemies of the Teutons. It is completely ethical to kill them, it was deserved, and that's what they shall get. We are fighting for freedom, for a republic, and for a Teutonic ethnostate.

    I agreed, wasn't this the natural order of things? We were always enemies, and this union is long overdue.

    Then I was assigned to the 4th division. we conscripted locals, each local was armed, and did kill civilians. But
    I just shrugged it off. We went to Southfluss, or as it was renamed to Südfluss. We knew we were treading on enemy territory, but we were prepared enough. Armed with bayonets, Motorized vehicles, and even a light tank. ( some guy apparently stole it, with fuel. I still don't understand how the hell he got it, but we have a tank.)

    As any rebellion, we were underestimated. So from what I gathered, the Forces that we will face will be mostly infantry.

    We were at the outskirts of the city,
    Smoke poured out of the Center,
    From what it looked like, Hell was on earth.
    Gunshots could be heard.

    I felt this... Overwhelming feeling of fear and stress...

    We entered the city, It looked like the aftermath of a full-scale riot, The glow of the flames made the night more bearable.

    We marched near the Duke's parliament, looked like it suffered hell. but we still haven't seen hell up-close.

    We continued to march west, The glow getting stronger.

    We heard gunshots, so we took our bayonets and shot the direction of where the sound came from. we looked to investigate, and it presumably a scout for the saxish army. as evidenced by the flag on his uniform.

    It seemed that they abandoned the city. so we marched further to the flames.

    what we saw... was horrible. The Duke's Palace was on fire. Armed Locals fending off policemen and soldiers,
    We shot what was remaining of the saxish resistance. With that, Our commander told us to garrison the city.

    We completely Abandoned the northwest of Südfluss, as most of the buildings were on fire.

    We set up camp in abandoned houses, being fed crackers called Krömp, after the sound, it makes when you bite into it. It tasted like cement covered with 2 grains of salt. I should get used to this though...

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