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    This thread will contain news from various sources within Volsenia.

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    2019-09-15, Ana-Marija Linker

    Following the outbreak of civil war in Samostalan, Volsenia has been engulfed in revolutionary fervour as arms factories roar to life and volunteers flock to military bases to equip themselves. Many anarchists and other socialists see this as an opportunity to help in their Cakavian comrades’ struggle against capitalism. However, the people of Volsenia are far from united - Imperial loyalists believe intervention in the war, especially on the socialists’ side, will significantly hinder our relations with the rest of the Imperium.

    A similar divide exists in the Council of Communal Representatives, where a group of representatives proposed a law which would bar residents’ involvement in foreign conflicts. The fact that the bill, which should be preposterous to any anarchist, acquired a considerable amount of support - before being rejected by a small majority - could show a shift from anarchist ideals to a more pragmatic outlook amongst some of the populace.

    Viljem Ožbalt Kóbor, coordinator of the Volsenian Foreign Affairs Committee and a proponent of the bill, said the following:
    “We cannot afford to upset the nations of the Imperium more than we already have. Keeping to ourselves is one thing, but supporting a revolution in another Imperial nation? Nothing scares the aristocracy more than the possibility of losing their position of power, and if Volsenia turns out to be a part of that process, we can surely expect retaliation from the rest of the nobility. This is simply the disappointing reality of the situation, and it saddens me to see that many of my comrades are blinded by idealism which could, unfortunately, lead to the downfall of our Confederation.”

    On the other hand, the Speaker of the Council, Annabella Richten, says that each individual has the right to fight for any cause they consider righteous, even in foreign territory:
    “Who are we to forbid our citizens, the very people we represent, from making their own decisions in life? If they believe that our socialist comrades in Samostalan are fighting a just and necessary war against the exploitative and parasitic aristocracy and bourgeoisie - a belief which I share - they have every right to aid them in their struggle. This is not some sort of “official” intervention in civil war; it is merely a group of volunteers using their own free will.”

    We also interviewed one of the volunteers, Damir Fábián, as he marched through the Zagreb Federal Commune. He was elected as the Brigadier of the Trinaesta Proleterska udarna brigada (Thirteenth Proletarian assault brigade in Croatian) formed in Zagreb on September 13th. He said the following:
    “Over 5000 volunteers have gathered in Zagreb to help our Cakavian comrades. We’ve organised ourselves into four brigades, all stationed in the nearby military base, though one has already departed for Samostalan to reinforce the Socialists' front line.”

    The next few weeks will certainly be interesting, we can just hope that bloodshed will be minimal and peace in Samostalan restored as soon as possible.

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    Flood in Vienna

    A division of flood control pumps has been ordered to the Austrian capital following profuse sweating from the Imperial monarch as its neighbouring Volsenia sends anarchist and socialist forces to aid overthrowing the aristocracy.

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