Imperial Proclamation [04] - Regarding Political Organisations & Parties

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    This proclamation (a piece of legislation passed by the Imperial Crown on its own authority) establishes interim regulations for political organisations (principally aimed at political parties). It outlines the conditions and minimum requirements for founding a party, and gives the Imperial Minister for the Interior the power to review applications. In addition, the circumstances under which parties may closed (or made illegal) are outlined, which is achieved by 'laying an order' before the Council of State, with the wording of that order being in the Schedule of the act.

    Imperial CoA

    Imperial Proclamation from Their Majesties
    Regarding the regulation of organisations, parties and other political entities.

    The Crown believes, and will continue to uphold, the rights of citizens to express their views and opinions, within the acceptable realms of civil discussion. Further, it is widely acknowledged and understood that political entities such as parties create a platform for the views of large groups of people to express their opinions, and make changes in the government and the state.

    Along with political parties, other political organisations, whether think tanks or lobby groups, are inherent to a democratically minded state, however, if left unregulated, they can lead to corruption and undue pressure on the agents of the state. As such, they must follow a set of ethical guidelines and regulations to ensure they provide a valuable service to the state and its functions, without compromising legitimacy and democracy.

    As such, until such time as the Reichstag develops a legislative solution, the following regulations shall be in place for political entities:

    1. The Imperial Ministry of the Interior (‘the Ministry’) shall be charged with the enforcement of these regulations, and with managing all applications and existing political entities.

      a) It shall have the power to suspend, close down and make the membership of any entity illegal, where said entity is deemed to breach either the regulations outlined in this document, or is deemed to be a threat to the state or its citizens. This shall be effected by an order, as formulated in the Schedule of this proclamation, laid before the Council of State and duly agreed to by the Imperial Crown.

    2. Any citizen, in good standing, may apply to found a political party, through a means defined by the Ministry, subject to the following regulations:

      a) The citizen must have the support of two other citizens, meaning the minimum membership of any party must be at least three.

      b) The core aims and ideology of the party must be defined upon application, and these must be compatible with the laws and ethical code of the realm.

      c) Applicants may be rejected on any of the following grounds:

      i) Failure to follow the regulations outlined in this document, and by the Ministry,

      ii) Failure to follow the instructions of the Ministry, in relation to the application,

      iii) Any of the founding members holding a criminal conviction,

      iv) Inappropriate party logo, slogan or name,

      v) Any other reason that could endanger the Imperium or her institutions.

    3. Parties and political organisations in existence at the time this proclamation goes into effect shall have 72 hours to submit the following information to the Ministry. Failure to submit documentation, or that documentation falling short of the minimum requirements, shall give reason for the Imperial Minister of the Interior to lay an order, as formulated in the Schedule of this proclamation, before the Council of State:

      a) The formal name of the organisation,

      b) The formal aims and ideology of the organisation,

      c) A valid and up-to-date member list,

      d) The principal leader and point of contact of the party.

    4. Political organisations other than parties may be formed through written request to the Imperial Minister of the Interior, who shall deem whether that application is valid and proper.

    5. Their Imperial Majesties may, at any time or for any reason, order the closure of any political organisation through order laid before the Council of State.

    6. Should the Reichstag pass legislation relating to political organisations, and should Their Imperial Majesties assent to it and give notice to the same effect, then this proclamation shall be void.


    Formulation of Order Laid before the Council of State by the Competent Member:

    [dd] [month long] [YYYY]

    On this day, the political organisation known as <formal name> is hereby [closed|suspended] [, and membership of that organisation made illegal,] by the authority of the relevant Imperial Proclamation and as agreed to by Their Imperial Majesties.

    So ordered.

    - [name of member]

    Signed on 9 September 2019

    Signature of HIM Simon

    His Imperial Majesty, Simon Kuznetsov, Archduke of Austria, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

    Signature of HIM Lewis

    His Imperial Majesty, Lewis Kuznetsov, King of Hungary, Protector of the Realm and Emperor of All Romans

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