Foreign Update September 2019

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    Coat of Arms

    The Austro-Hungarian Imperium

    The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Foreign Update
    September 2019

    Words from Their Imperial Majesties’

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening.

          As the sovereigns of the Imperium, we have been leading the region in the last month (and a bit) as it finds its feet in the world. The work that has been done so far, including the successful establishment of several consulates and embassies, has helped boost both the awareness and influence of our region beyond what we could have ever imagined when we founded the region.

          For us, however, the greatest achievement of the last months has been the creation of a highly welcoming and kind community - we have been complimented several times on the feeling of our community, and we count that as a grand success. Any good NS community needs to feel welcoming to as many players as possible and as somewhere they feel safe in hanging out.

          Going forward, by the time you read this update we may well have broken 100 nations. For a region of our age this is an achievement, in our view, and shows the potential for continued prosperity within our region. Our roleplay community is already lively, and our offsite government has a whole host of talented people who are willing to contribute, and to take part in our regional politics.

          Our discord and forums are always open to visitors, so if you want to say Hi feel free to join. :)

    Warmest Regards,
    Their Imperial Majesties, Simon & Lewis Kuznetsov
    Sovereigns of the Imperial Crown

    First Reichstag Elections & Speech from the Throne

    Reichstag Building, Vienna - The results of the inaugural Reichstag elections were announced on the 31st of August by HIM Lewis. With four seats up for election, eight candidates fought to represent their fellow citizens in the first ever session of the Imperium’s legislature.

    A Q&A thread was set up for candidates, to supplement any regular campaigns, which asked questions ranging from legislative goals, to candidate’s preferences for the Chancellor, to the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. Benito, Brihimia, Wynny, Gabriel Xavier, and LilStapler gave answers, and were additionally asked questions in Discord. Several candidates outlined strong legislative goals, including diplomatic regulations and a criminal code.

    After 48 hours of voting, the results were announced, with no runoffs being required. The elected members are:

    • The Rt. Hon. Brihimia
    • The Rt. Hon. Wynny
    • The Rt. Hon. LilStapler
    • The Rt. Hon. Gabriel Xavier

    With that, the Imperial Crown gave its inaugural Speech from the Throne, where it informed the Reichstag of its choice of Chancellor (HRH Nathaniel Kuznetsov-Penrose, Count of Hohenems), and the noble members it wished to take seats in the Reichstag (HRH, the Count of Hohenems). In addition, the Crown outlined its desire to see a criminal code, dedicated anti-fascist laws, citizenship law, and other key tenets of the region’s legal code, implemented.

    After the speech was delivered, a nomination period and vote was held for the President of the Reichstag, who chairs the Reichstag and is its constitutional leader. All elected members nominated HRH Nathaniel, however he rejected his nomination and instead nominated Brihimia. This nomination was accepted, and the Reichstag then adopted unanimously (with 2 abstentions) a motion appointing Brihimia to the role.

    As this first two month term begins, it will be interesting to see how the Reichstag progresses.

    First Month Growth

    At the time of writing, the region sits at a population of 95 nations. The region, having been founded on the 26th of July this year, has grown by nearly 90 nations in just a month! With no signs of slowing down, the government expects to break 100 nations before the middle of September, and possibly 300 by the end of the year!

    In addition to just resident growth, the region has also seen a rise in the number of citizens - rising from just 6 (the royal family) on founding date, the region has exploded to a citizenry of 28! While citizen numbers do not always directly equate to activity levels, the fact that 8 candidates ran for election, in addition to constant Discord chatter and forum activity, shows that the population is engaged and active.

    Official Roleplay Launch & Other Government Initiatives

    Ageits, Stiegae - “The glittering lights of the Grand Royal Hotel fill the winding road emerging from the ring of trees that encompasses central Ageits.”

    That is how the first official event of the regional roleplay began, as the ‘International Diplomatic Corps’ seeks to begin negotiations regarding a legislative council for the nations of the Imperium, while the Rail Conference of Austria is held concurrently to establish transport links across the region. These events and summits are helping to lay the groundwork for the region’s official regional roleplay, which has engaged many citizens already. In addition, the Imperial Ministry of Civil Affairs has opened an application thread for citizen-led RPs, which has already gained interest.

    In addition, the MoFA has already established several off and on site embassies and consulates, and has produced this foreign update (which it hopes to be the first of further monthly updates). Further, the Imperial Gazette has been established, which is an on-site dispatch (and a collection of RMB posts) that serves as the official record of government for the Imperium, and includes notices of appointments, elections, and other general news from the Government. As a means of keeping the nations of the region up to date with the goings on of the off-site government, it has been vital.

    Going into the next few months, expansion of both official and citizen-led RPs is viewed as vital, as is expanding the number of foreign relationships of the region.

    Current Government Information

    This information is based on the thread with the same name at the time of publishing.

    Government Information Image

    This update was compiled by HIM Lewis, and was distributed by the diplomats of the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its contents are, unless otherwise noted, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

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