Imperial Cabinet Appointments

  • Early Citizen Noble Royal Family

    Office of the Imperial Chancellor
    2th of September, Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Nineteen

    I, the Imperial Chancellor, through my sacred and ancient powers derived from Their Imperial Majesties, the people of the realm, and the Imperial Constitution do present for appointment to Their Majesties' Government, the following persons to the Imperial Cabinet:

    • The Hon. Michael Kassel to the post of Imperial Minister for Foreign Affairs
    • The Hon. Benito Mercuri-Draca to the post of Secretary for Roleplay under Imperial Minister for Civil Affairs
    • The Rt. Hon. Lil'Stapler to the post of Imperial Minister of the Interior

    I also propose that the Imperial Ministry of Civil Affairs remain under control of the Imperial Crown until the proposed Secretary for Roleplay has reached a sufficient level of experience.

    This decision shall be reviewed and approved by Their Imperial Majesties in their just and absolute wisdom.

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    Per the constitution, I send this to the Reichstag for approval (given that Micheal Kassel & Benito are not in the Reichstag).


  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    Given the passed vote in the appropriate vote thread, I approve these appointments on this day in the name of the Imperial Crown. Any required appointments to the Council of State are duly made.

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