[DEBATE] First Constitutional Ammendment

  • Early Citizen

    Civil Coat of Arms

    First Constitutional Ammendment 2019

    The following law, having been approved by the nobles and right honourable citizens of the Imperial Diet on this day, is hereby enacted by the sovereign grace of Their Majesties.

    1 - Title
    1.1) The long title of this act is as follows:
    To ensure Their Majesties' Government has the power and means to create and dictates its internal functioning.

    1.2) This act may further be referred to by its short title:
    First Constitutional Ammendment

    2 - Ammendments

    2.1) Article IV Section 5 shall be added.

          5) The government shall have the power to produce legislation in regard to its internal functioning and agenda, and only to this effect.
                 a) This shall include all matters related to the corps that shall compose each ministry. 

    3 - Schedule

    3.1) This act shall go into effect immediately upon passage in the Reichstag, assent from the Crown, and approval by the citizens of the Realm via public referendum.

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    I dunno about the wording, but this was something I wanted added, funnily enough.

    I think it's important that there be two types of primary legislation:

    1. The laws of the Reichstag,
    2. The proclamations of the Imperial Crown.

    In addition, in my view, there should be 'Executive Instruments' which are signed by the Chancellor/responsible minister, and are then subject to repeal by the Reichstag or the Crown. To keep in line with the 'legal fiction' process we have been making here, so far, you'd have them laid before the Council of State and then published. The key thing, however, is that they'd be made under primary legislation rather than the constitution, meaning they'd be secondary to other forms of legislation (which is important to avoid the kind of legal curfuffle TCB is seeing at the moment).

  • Minister Imperial Monarch Admin

    I suggest this be removed from the floor or moved to vote @brihimia

  • Early Citizen

    I motion to table the bill.

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