• The latest news from the heart of the Empire.

  • The first stop for all new visitors, including getting citizenship, diplomatic rights, and a place to introduce yourself!

    Citizenship AffairsDiplomatic AffairsIntroductions Plaza
  • A place to talk about whatever you want

  • A place to hang out, chat, and play games. Also a place to read the news.

    Spam & GamesArtisan SquareNews Stand
  • The Empire's judicial branche, charged with making judgements on criminal and civil cases.

    Court ArchivesTrial Room
  • Where admins deal with tech issues, and take requests for forum and Discord actions.

  • Where citizens go to create and play roleplays!

    Official RP
  • Where the laws of the Empire are stored for easy reference.

    Current LawRepealed Law
  • For archiving things and stuff.

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